HTC Last

So, according to Engadget, the HTC First (their third attempt at a Facebook phone, naturally) will not be sold in the UK, because it’s stupid.  Combined with the executive team of the company acting like rats on a sinking ship this is not at all good. But back to the HTC First and why no one should be surprised that this is happening.

So, what is the HTC First?

It Is This

It Is This

The HTC First is a mid-spec Android phone where the makers took all the parts of Android that Android fans like out and replaced them with Facebook.  Everything Facebook.  Your email, your calling, your pictures, everything Facebook.  It’s basically a monopurpose phone.

That’s an obvious and huge failing.  It would be like making a computer that could only be used as a web browser (wait, those exist? But that’s a truly terrible idea) and that web browser could only go to Facebook. However, what if the same compny (Facebook, that is) put out an application that gave you all of the awesome Facebookishness, but on your own phone, preventing you from actually having to buy a new phone to get all of that highly desirable running your entire life through Facebook.

If such an application existed it might kneecap demand for a phone.  Especially if it were free.



It’s also like no mobile OSes ship with deep Facebook integration if you choose to use it.  Or like you can’t find a half dozen Facebook clients for every mobile OS on the market.  Or even like the nanocomputers with two way radios that many of us carry around with us every day aren’t capable of surfing the internet.

Given all of the competition, and make no mistake about it Facebook itself provided much of that competition, one has to wonder why Facebook would try, again, to launch a phone.  That I do not have an answer to.  However, I don’t think it surprises anyone that it failed.  Again.

Beller luck next time, Zuckerberg.