Music That Doesn’t Suck – Ewan Dobson

I first heard about Ewan Dobson when Paul Oakenfold posted amazement about a guy playing trance on an acoustic guitar. I was blown away when I checked out the video. So, I checked out a lot more of his videos to see a guy dressed like video game characters playing crazy songs on acoustic guitars.

Sometimes he does tuff just for shits and giggles (a guitar strung with dental floss) and some songs are way better than others.  Either way, Ewav Dobson doesn’t suck.


Music That Doesn’t Suck – Keith Merrow

A few years ago I saw Jeff Beck (with Terry Bozzio and the other guy who was on “Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop) opening for B.B. King.  He was awesome.  So it was with a bit of confusion that I watched a Beck concert on Palladia and realized that, intellectually it was awesome, but I was not enjoying myself at all.

If I don’t like Jeff Beck playing instrumental guitar music I just don’t like instrumental guitar music.

I also don’t like djent (the “d” is not silent).  To me it’s like, “our parents bought us seven strings, so Meshuggah.”

So, obviously an instrumental djent guitarist would totally be at the bottom of my listen to list.  For the most part this is correct.  However, Keith Merrow is good, really good.  You should check him out.