Matrix Rig

The original “3D spin” effect used in a gap commercial was craziness and revolutionary at the time. The Wachowski Brothers (back when they were brothers) raised the bar on the effect with The Matrix (or as I like to call it, *their last, good movie”).

Now, however; you can make a “matrix” rig for the cost of a nice SLR and have it shoot 1080p footage controlled by your cell phone. Someone needs to make one of these and attach it to the lip of a mini-ramp.

Then invite Dave Osato, Rob Ridge and Tobias Wicke (I just noticed that Shea Nyquist got a shout out in the credits of this, so not so fat fetched).

Music That Doesn’t Suck – Keith Merrow

A few years ago I saw Jeff Beck (with Terry Bozzio and the other guy who was on “Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop) opening for B.B. King.  He was awesome.  So it was with a bit of confusion that I watched a Beck concert on Palladia and realized that, intellectually it was awesome, but I was not enjoying myself at all.

If I don’t like Jeff Beck playing instrumental guitar music I just don’t like instrumental guitar music.

I also don’t like djent (the “d” is not silent).  To me it’s like, “our parents bought us seven strings, so Meshuggah.”

So, obviously an instrumental djent guitarist would totally be at the bottom of my listen to list.  For the most part this is correct.  However, Keith Merrow is good, really good.  You should check him out.

No Name Skatepark

I’m not trying to make art.  I’m just trying to have fun with cheap gadgets…

Below is a video I shot with my phone.  I think my editing skills have gotten better since The Steve Nowak 39th Birthday Extravaganza.


Everything Old is New Again…

Since the French don’t care about us Soul BMX dropped this edit right before most of America was preparing to enter a collective turkey induced coma and pepper spray each other over video game consoles.

SOUL VID’ / FLAT & STREET REVOLUTION from Soul Bmx Magazine on Vimeo.

It’s hard not to like it.  The riding is solid, the music is good, the filming and editing are top notch.  People lost their shit over it, “the evolution of BMX” people said.

is not

Ride had the presence of mind to call out Dave Voelker, Chad Degroot and Paul Osicka.  Truth is this isn’t that much different than the stuff that Corey Furmage or Rob Ridge do (to be fair, Corey and Rob mix more 80s/early 90s style and these guys are more modern) and, let’s be honest, if you were a flatlander on Standard between about 1997 and 2003 you were contractually obligated to ride like this. Hell, I’m sure that Catfish is like, “The hell, I’ve been doing this stuff my entire career and people think I’m a joke!”

The fact isn’t so much that this is the great revolution of street riding but that it’s not boring.

Five or so years ago everyone in BMX decided that they didn’t want to use brakes anymore.  The average 15 year old kid on the internet declared that not having brakes “makes me more creative,” which didn’t make any sense.  If you’re a rote rider with no originality, giving yourself less options was not going to help matters any.  But, the proof is in the pudding.  Let’s play a game.  How many street videos have you seen in the last week that contain all of the following:

  • Riders going at a moderate speed towards an obstacle that’s roughly handlebar height to jump over
  • Gap to double peg
  • Hangover toothpick down a rail
  • 360 down a set
  • Bunnyhop barspin for no apparent reason
  • Tailwhip down a set
  • Long nose manual
  • Long hang five

If you answered “all of them” you’re probably right.  To be fair, even this one included a decent number of those things but it included something else – finesse – which is largely missing from the grind and barspin school of modern street riding.  Even if it’s not as revolutionary as people are saying, I hope this video is insanely influential.


Devon Smillie is Serious Business…

I’ve known Devon since before he was old enough to shave (granted, he still doesn’t look able to grow facial hair) and while everyone else is finally going nuts over him I’m kinda like “Well, yeah, that’s Devon.”  So, here’s a video of Devon doing his new school street rider thing (as opposed to his original big park stuff).

Well, yeah, that’s Devon.

Felt Bikes: Devon Smillie – More BMX Videos


BMX Is Serious Business…

The Albion is a BMX magazine which is given away free at bike shops in the UK.  Since The Albion is, supposedly the best BMX magazine in the world (or at least better than any BMX magazine from America as British magazines tend to be better than American magazines).  However, as it is only available in the UK, well, people can say whatever the hell they want to about it and it’s not like I can dispute them, now can I?

Anyway, feathers were ruffled this week when The Albion published an interview with The Greatest Vert Rider of All Time.  In the interview Jamie Bestwick said somethings which resulted in Ben Hennon referring to him as “a fucking prick.”  Well, that’s harsh.  What did Jamie say?

G, Love the site. Glad you’re back. The fucking Prick

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