BMX Is Serious Business…

The Albion is a BMX magazine which is given away free at bike shops in the UK.  Since The Albion is, supposedly the best BMX magazine in the world (or at least better than any BMX magazine from America as British magazines tend to be better than American magazines).  However, as it is only available in the UK, well, people can say whatever the hell they want to about it and it’s not like I can dispute them, now can I?

Anyway, feathers were ruffled this week when The Albion published an interview with The Greatest Vert Rider of All Time.  In the interview Jamie Bestwick said somethings which resulted in Ben Hennon referring to him as “a fucking prick.”  Well, that’s harsh.  What did Jamie say?

G, Love the site. Glad you’re back. The fucking Prick

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