Where Have All The BMX Blogs Gone?

A few years ago I jacked out of the BMX webosphere.  I still rode about the same, but I figured I’d said all I had to say on the topic. I also figured that there were enough BMX websites to keep the world running and people watching videos.

So, yeah, when I decided to look around to see what was out there…it’s a wasteland. The Butphor guys were going to put have a scene website that died almost as quickly as it was born.

Beast Mode, a site that rose to take the place of AtlBMX and Mystic Negro, hasn’t been updated since October. Its last post being a video of Devon at a skatepark.  This is fitting, because Devon is the only rider from Atlanta folks care about, anyway.

Apparently there are no new Women of Freestyle and Sprfls has long ago stopped being “Friends” to my “Living Single.”

When Sprfls died some Aussie kid created a site called, I believe, BMX-Tech. The idea was to examine BMX idiocy from an industrial design/engineering perspective. It only lasted a few months and, even then, I mostly remember him trying to argue that Eastern’s products were worse than Fit’s based on art direction.

I kind of hoped he stopped posting out of shame.

Looking at what’s left on the internets it’s kind of just the usual suspects, your come ups, fats, rides and vitals. Basically sites that have multiple contributors. That’s important I think. It’s easy to burn out writing about a single thing for years on end, especially as that thing moves towards total homogeneousness.

If you’re an auto writer you get to play with a never ending parade of faster and crazier cars. When you write about BMX at some point you have a moment when you say, “oh look another guy riding at a rail at a medium pace. Joy.”

Still, it is sad to see that there have been no sites that have risen up to the top tier in the BMX space. Maybe one day