G. v Android Pt II – This is Not a Media Player

A week in I came to a revelation.  The Samsung Galaxy S Player 5.0 is not a media player.  This hit me when I was trying to watch a video of my niece’s puppies trying to get into her doggy door (back in the before time when they weighed like 5lbs a pop, not 85lbs).  I could not view the video.  To be fair, the video was shot in an exotic format, .MOV from her iPhone.

Wait, what?

The Galaxy Player is not a media player.  A media player would probably support one of the more popular video codecs out the box.  This did not. It seems to not support too much of anything out the box.  In order to be able to view a .MOV file I had to download a program, much like I had to do to download podcast.  If I have to add items to recreate the basic functionality of my for real, dedicated (and dying) media players then I have to say this isn’t one of them.

If it isn’t a media player what is it?  Well, the people at work constantly ask me “is that a tablet or a phone?” It’s a PDA.

No, really.  The Handspring Treo was a Handspring Visor (I totally had a blue one) with a cellphone shoved in it.  Windows Mobile phones were Pocket PCs with cellphones attached to them.  This Galaxy 5.0 is a Galaxy Note without a cellphone.  If a smartphone is a PDA with a cellular radio, then if you remove the cellular radio from a smartphone you don’t get a “media player” you get a PDA.  Well, it’s about the same size as my old Dell Axim (which still works, actually, why didn’t I just use it?).  So, all the talk of tablets being the new computing paradigm and the constant repeating of Steve Jobs’ ridiculous truck analogy (the Ford F series and GM’s GMT900 base vehicles still outsell pretty much everything else combined) is really just hooray for PDAs.

Who knew?

Also, the camera on this thing ba-lows.

G. v Android

In the wake of the second death of my Zune HD I grabbed a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 for my all day MP3 player needs (you may say “why don’t you use your phone?” I like preserving its battery so that I can use it as a phone if need be)

So far, for something that markets itself as a media player we’ve got fail.  I spend most of my day listening to podcasts, but there is no podcatcher loaded on this thing.  Apparently Google listen will do the job, but it’s terrible beyond words (You’d think that Google, GOOGLE could get the search function right, you’d think wrong).

Lacking a decent, native podcast function I grabbed Doggcatcher, which everyone agrees is the best podcasting utility.  It also cost me five bucks.  This is not a good start.