BMW Releases New Model, Confuses People

No, Really, This isn't a Five

So, BMW decided to jump on the hot “four door coupe” bandwagon that its European competition has been pushing for years now.  It decided to do it with this, the Six series Gran Coupe, making a sedan out of a coupe.  Brilliant.  Except for one small detail, the Six series is already a coupe based on a sedan, the Five series.  So, what they’ve done is given the Five series a slightly less formal roofline and called it a new model.

Oh wait, they did that, already, too.


Don't Look Directly At It, You'll Turn to Stone.

So now we have four cars based on the same platform, two of which that look pretty much the same, one of which is an abomination against good design and on that has two doors.

Really? Is there a hair left after all of that splitting?

Not really, but there you go, the new BMW Six Series Gran Coupe, a Five with less rear head room.  Exactly what the world needed.